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“Instead of teaching children to get ‘there’, why not let them be here? Where is ‘there’ anyway? The world needs more ‘here’ than ‘there’.” ~ Vince Gowmon

2023-2024 School Year:
Please call or text 858-254-8296 for more information. 
We have some flexibility to support your family schedules.*  


Half Day Hours:  AM 9:00-Noon      PM:  12:30-3:30

1 half day per week: $140/month

2 half days per week: $285/month 

3 half days per week: $395/month

More options are available please contact us to discuss the current availability. 


*We strive to work with your schedule.  Please reach out via text:  858-254-8296 to see if we have any openings to meet your needs.

We are a non-sectarian program and do not partner with any religious organization. 

Please Note:    Monthly Payment amounts do not reflect days attended in that month or days off for holidays; they are merely an equal portion of the yearly tuition.  Program Tuition will be set-up for Automatic Withdrawals.. 


Dates to Be Determined

Hours 3:30-6:30 


$45 for the first child 

$60 for the 2nd children (in the same family) 

$75 for 3rd children (in the same family)


During Daylight Savings the program time will be 3:30-5:30

$30 for the first child 

$45 for 2nd children (in the same family)

$60 for 3rd children (in the same family)




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