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Daily Schedule

“Instead of teaching children to get ‘there’, why not let them be here? Where is ‘there’ anyway? The world needs more ‘here’ than ‘there’.” ~ Vince Gowmon


We have a flexible schedule that will reflect your child’s interests, abilities and needs. Your child will be provided times for quiet and busy play,  outdoor structured and free play. We do many small group activities. 


Sample of Daily Schedule:  Times vary slightly as we "follow the child"


7:30-8:45:  Breakfast, Open Outdoor Play 

8:45-9:00 Indoor:  Group Meeting may include 2 or more of the following: Music and Movement, Book, Yoga,  Sign Language and/or Spanish word 

9:00-9:15:  Organizing group for our morning Nature walk/hike 

9:15-10:00:  Nature hike and exploration 

10:00-10:30: Clean-up from hike and have our Morning Snack

10:30-Noon:  Indoor or Outdoor Activities which will include: Painting, Science, Writing, Math and Social/Emotional 

10:30-Noon: Nap Schedules begin 

Noon-12:30: Lunch 

12:30-2:00:  Quiet Play time provided Indoors/Outdoors

2:00-2:20:  Snack

2:20-5:00: Indoor or Outdoor Activities continue depending on the children and weather an afternoon adventure in the park may happen during these hours.  


Daily information sharing:
We value our partnership between your family and our staff. Sharing of information is a vital component of a high quality educational program. Please feel free to speak with any of our staff regarding your child and their development. 

Meals and Snacks:
We will provide breakfast, snacks and offer lunch.  Some families provide their child's own lunch. If your child has a severe allergy or diet restrictions, we ask that you provide food for all their meals and snacks for your child. 

Toilet Training:
In keeping with a child centered philosophy, we do not believe in keeping a child out of our preschool program because they are not toilet trained. Each child develops at his or her own pace. We will work on toilet training with you and your child in a no-pressure, respectful way. Please let us know what method you follow so that we may provide as much consistency for your child as possible. Parents are required to provide diapers and wipes for their child if needed. We follow all public health guidelines for diaper changing routines. 
Rest Time / Sleep Time:
For children staying longer than 6 hours, each child must have their own sleeping mat.  For children staying longer than 6 hours each family needs to supply 2 sets of sheets and 1 blanket.   Sheets will be sent home weekly and your blankets will be sent home on every 2nd Friday for washing. Please remember to return it on Monday.  Naps and quiet time will be incorporated in your child's daily schedule.  For children who do not normally sleep and are with us for more than 6 hours we will provide quiet activities on their mats. 

Our Program provides materials to create curiosity through:  

  • Block Play 

  • Dramatic Play

  • Sensory (water, sand, dough/clay etc.)

  • Creative Arts

  • Library/Literacy

  • Table/Floor toys

What you will need to bring for your child: (PLEASE LABEL)
1. ONLY for children who nap: 2 Sets of twin size sheets (extra in case first set gets soiled during sleep).

2. ONLY for children who nap: Blanket that may be left with us, and any special sleep toy (if needed)

3. Pacifier for sleep time (if needed) please label

4. Diapers and wipes (if needed)

5. Any creams for diapering  

6. Complete changes of clothing including socks and underwear 

7. 3 day Emergency Kit (information included in registration packet)

Program Waiting List:
 If you wish to be placed on our program's waiting list, call the 858-254-8296


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